Check out my interview with Scott where he talks about releasing 12 pounds in 5 days! Prior to doing the Green Smoothie Challenge, I would have classified myself as addicted to sugar. My day would consist of getting up in the morning and having a bowl of cereal and putting a lot of sugar on top of it. ( I would smuggle in the sugar so my kids wouldn’t see). During the day at work I would constantly snack on candy from around the office. Some days I would look into my garbage can at my desk and be disgusted by how many candy wrappers were in there. I have never been what you would call very much overweight but as I inched closer to 40 I was also inching toward 200 lbs. Always being up for a good challenge, I was very excited to start The Green Smoothie Challenge. I read Maria’s book cover to cover the week prior to starting and I purchased the kit from her as well. I have never been a fan of taking pills or supplements so I was not very excited when I saw how many there were to take. The night before I made the trek to the Central Market and loaded up on my fruits and vegetables. I purchased some things that I have never even heard of let alone eaten. I was definitely a little nervous the first morning when I made my smoothie for the day. I will have to admit that I had more fruits than vegetables but I thought if I could make it through the day without any sugar or junk food I was doing well. Prior to doing the Challenge I had some acid reflux and some days my throat would really burn. On the first day I didn’t have any symptoms at all. I was very excited about that by itself. I found the first couple of days to be somewhat easy except for the headaches that I would have during the day. I attributed them to my sugar withdraws. By day six my headaches were completely gone. In the first four days I lost 10 lbs, my energy level was increasing and I didn’t have any acid reflux. I thought it was amazing and easy. Then the weekend came. I have always had so much respect for moms who stay home and take care of the kids and the home, but when I had to go through the weekend I found even more respect for them. The weekend was complete torture. I did not have my work to distract me and seeing my wife and kids eat breakfast lunch and dinner was agonizing. I would just eat apples, pears and grapes to give me a sweet fix. One word of advice when doing The Challenge. Avoid Costco at all cost. We went to Costco on Saturday and they had all of the samples out. I watched everyone enjoy the wonderful things as I would just pass them by. After surviving through the weekend, I knew that I had made it through the toughest part. The weight loss slowed down quite a bit, some days I would stay the same and other days I would lose a pound or so. On day seven I had lost a total of 12 pounds my clothes were getting looser and I was using a hole in my belt I had never used before. I was very excited! Day ten came and I was so tired of drinking my meals. That night for dinner my family was having chicken salad with ranch dressing. It looked so good and I said to my wife that I was going to have some chicken and salad with my meal. She looked at me and said “You have 7 hours left and you are going to give up.” I was that close but because of by wonderful wife, she saved me. For dinner on the tenth night I had romaine lettuce with cucumbers and pears (No dressing). That next morning I got on the scale and was amazed what I had done in just ten short days. I had lost a total of 16 POUNDS and lost 3 inches around my waist. I have completely changed my eating habits. The candy jars still call my name but I know that I don’t need them and I can just grab a nice sweet apple to tied my over.


My name is Jack W and I went on the 'Green Smoothie Challenge' right after Christmas this year from December 26th- to January 4th. Before beginning the 'Challenge', I weighed in at 243 pounds and my fasting Blood Sugar was at 204. I have Type-2 Diabetes and so I need to monitor my blood sugars daily. Before beginning e the 'Green Smoothie Challenge', I loved my sweets like candy bars, cookies and cakes. During the 'Challenge', I was drinking 3-4 quarts of Green Smoothie per day . In addition to the smoothies, I would have the occasional apple and perhaps some celery and cucumbers at night with Guacamole. The big difference was...there was NO SUGAR as in candy bars, cookies etc during my '10-day Challenge.' The great new is that by day 5 of the 'Challenge', I was OFF my Metformin Diabetes meds and I was dropping weight every day. At the end of the 10 -day challenge, I had lost 10 pounds and had normalized my blood sugar to a reading of '101.' In short...taking the sugar out of my diet and adding green smoothies was highly successful and I continue on that course today a week later after ending the challenge.


Well, I can’t believe I really did it. I never thought I could lose 12 lbs by just changing my diet. I know that sounds silly, but I didn’t believe that the green smoothies would work so well. I lost the most weight in the 1st week, and this week, my weight seems to have plateaued a bit. I mostly stuck to the smoothies and I snacked on almonds, carrots, avocados, and a few apples. The smoothies and tea kept me full most of the day. I also made the chocolate shakes in your book. I did not find some of the ingredients, but I did use the cacao powder and everything else I could find. It was very satisfying and it helped my chocolate cravings. I did have a headache for the first 4 days. I think that was the sugar detoxing from my body. I don’t drink caffeine or alcohol, so I did not have those withdrawals. I was definitely addicted to sugar though. I am thrilled with the all the weight loss, and I am going to keep on going with the smoothies, and just slowly add back the good healthy foods. I also have a lot of great energy and just feel motivated to live healthier. I don’t think I can ever look at sugar and the refined carbohydrates the same anymore. I went down from a size 10 to a size 8 in two weeks. I started out weighing 156 and today I am 144! I would like to get down at least one more size and get back to the weight I was when I got married. I truly believe that I can do this now that I have learned how to properly feed myself. Today I am making the avocado soup. My step-sister Kelli, says it makes great salad dressing. I am going to try that today as I slowly add back the healthy foods back into my diet. Thanks for inspiring me to eat healthy and get my priorities straight this year. 2010 is going to be a great year!


I found out about this challenge a while back from my friend and thought it sounded like a good plan - going into the new year I was at an all time high for me -well besides going down from pregnancy, my jeans were all painfully tight and I felt terrible about myself. I decided to go for it in hopes of jump starting myself to getting back on track as it's my 10 year anniversary on May 6th and my husband is threatening me with a tropical (read swimsuit required daily) vacation. I have been on many diets and when I truly apply myself and work out I lose 2 lbs weekly - I even went into see the Doctor post cabbage soup diet because I had only lost 1 lb and had stayed on it faithfully, sadly there was nothing wrong with me ;) Cookie diet - Weight Watchers - Calorie Counting and South Beach. I am pretty sure the only one I didn't' get on board with was Atkins because it seemed too gross to me. Anyway I was shocked as I was doing this diet to see the lbs dropping at a consistent rate of half a pound per day - even the nights when I would eat a big bowl of your strawberry "ice cream" still the morning after it would say half a lb down. Thankfully I was able to strong arm my sister and my husband into doing this with me and it's so much easier with support - My mom always eats healthy and my Dad is on a veggie juice only fast so every family even was full of juices and fresh veggies and fruit. I never did get an energetic high, but I felt alright and the results were so completely worth it! I lost 7 solid lbs - (I had already lost a couple since Christmas which was my water weight) and from the largest part of my belly 2 and a half inches and from my waist 1 and a quarter inches - I feel shocked and pleased beyond measure. The extra bonus is that I am starting to run again and every extra lb. is hard on your joints so now I feel that I am at a weight that I can fairly confidently add some miles in. I have a race on the calendar for May 2. I can't believe that 3 months of poor eating can be undone by 10 days of cleansing. Hard? Yes. Worth it? For sure. This has gotten all of us eating more produce and that is a big win. I am going to stay off sugar and processed anything for the rest of the month and really just try and eliminate processed altogether. I started to think about how I want my days to look and how I want to feel. I homeschool my 6 year old and also have a 4 and 2 year old and a puppy so I am fairly busy and some days feel like I am limping towards the end of the day dragging along. The juice helped keep the slumping at bay and I decided to schedule in exercise and chores to ensure they get done - I am a list maker and there is nothing I enjoy quite so much as crossing off something. I am planning to go room by room through the house and sort and toss and all around get all areas of my life into shape not just my body! I loved watching your daily videos, they were very encouraging and kept me going for sure. Thanks for showing me that it's fast and easy to get in produce. I look forward to a healthier 2010 and beyond and most importantly (to me at least) :) Not being suit shy come May! Thank you thank you thank you. My husband and I are planning to challenge a couple days a week still and I will weigh in daily and go back on challenge if things are creeping in the wrong direction.


Today is my 9th Day on the Challenge and it has been AWESOME! Chelsea is the one that got me started on it, and I am sooo happy she told me about it! I have done cleanses before so I kind of knew what to expect as far as wanting to eat and feeling deprived of food. However, I did not expect to lose that much weight or inches off my waist and I ABSOLUTELY did not think that this would be something that I would want to continue. As my last day is approaching I have lost 10 pounds and lost 2 inches off my waist. Not only that, I haven't had a craving for my usual sugar free red bull, or cup of coffee that i simply had to have before I went to teach my dance classes. I cannot believe the energy that I have had on this Challenge. Truthfully I am ADDICTED to the feeling of healthy. This has truly been amazing. It's been eye opening on the things I used to eat. I've already started on a plan to incorporate the green smoothies into my daily life! I have told all of my friends about this and some have already started! Thank you for sharing the Green Smoothie Challenge with all of us!

Tobin Rippo

I began The Green Smoothie Challenge because I felt tired, overweight and wanted to get back in shape. I wasn’t happy about where I was mentally or physically, so I decided to jump in one day and take the ten day Challenge—after all what’s ten days if I’m really going to change the way I look and feel! The first four days were the most difficult. I really wanted to eat and was frustrated with myself for having committed to doing it, but I knew I had to stick with it and really see for myself if this was going to work. Dinnertime was the hardest time of day for me as I strongly craved all the food that we were preparing for the family. This was definitely the toughest part, much more so than I originally thought. I really had to mentally work through the mind games surrounding the desire to give in.

I stuck with it, and I was glad I did. I began to lose weight immediately, three pounds the first day! The results on the scale each day kept me going and helped me to stick with it and not give in to my longing to eat. I was amazed, but it’s really true, there is a way to get healthier and lose weight all at once, and it is The Green Smoothie Challenge. I began to feel a lot more energy by about day five. I started wanting to get outside and run or hit the gym. I’ve never been one to go to the gym, and I found myself really craving a good workout. My mind became sharper, I lost that daily three o’clock slump and did not need as much sleep as normal. My wife says I stopped snoring completely. All of these things began to outweigh any craving I had to eat food. I lost fifteen pounds in nine days and have continued to lose more weight as I still drink a lot of green smoothies during the week.

Once I accomplished the challenge, I created my own personal plan of incorporating green smoothies into my diet. I continue to get great results and feel amazing. I’ve settled in on a weekly plan to keep me on track which is to enjoy myself reasonably on the weekends and balance it during the week with a healthy dose of green smoothies. Specifically, I do a three-day challenge each week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Friday I drink green smoothies and then enjoy eating dinner. Saturday and Sunday I eat sensibly, and Monday I drink green smoothies and eat a light dinner. This cycle is now working for my schedule and allows for fun, light wining and dining on the weekends. The great thing about The Challenge is once you do it, it grows on you and you crave healthier foods for your body. I am now down twenty pounds and feel great. I highly recommend taking The Green Smoothie Challenge for ten days; you’ll see and experience what I’m talking about.

Rachel Hoffmann

The morning after Day 1 of my 15 day Green Smoothie Challenge, my eyes almost popped out of my head when I hopped on the scale. Five pounds in one day! I hadn’t been able to lose weight for years! Day one had been challenging, but after seeing results like that, I was excited to keep going. I started The Challenge to see if I could get rid of my candida symptoms, reduce the puffiness in my face, and see if I actually could lose a few pounds. (ok, more than just a few!) Day 2 and 3 proved tough, though, because I missed getting to feel satisfied by hearty meals, felt weak and exhausted, and I didn’t see any more progress on the scale. But Maria encouraged me to keep on going, and was quite the faithful cheerleader! So I stuck with it, and pretty soon things evened out, and I began losing about a pound each day.

Then Thanksgiving came, and along with it, the emotional roller coaster of frustration from not getting to join the family feast! I knew The Challenge was good for me, and I had committed to sticking to it, but that was ridiculously tough. Watching my family soak up homemade syrup the next morning with Grandpa’s famous waffles was the worst of the worst, and seemed like the climax of The Challenge.

After I successfully said “no” to that, I was more confident in my ability to “keep on trucking!” and looked forward to what sort of new combination of fruits and greens I could come up with. My candida and psoriasis symptoms completely disappeared as the days progressed, the energy started kicking in, and when my roommates returned from their Thanksgiving travels and completely freaked out when they saw the change in my figure, I decided the whole adventure was worth it. It was now a race to see how many more days I could push through. My first goal was 10, but then I decided to try for 15. My roommates joined me, and we all started feeling so much healthier, craving the dark leafy greens, and bouncing off the walls with excitement for how well our clothes were fitting!

While the hard part was still having to say “no” to Christmas party treats, and getting a little tired of avocados and tomatoes, I continually was re-encouraged by the fast and always-exciting loss of weight, and by friends and students who would ask, “Is there something different about you? You look different!”

After 15 days, having lost a total of 14 pounds, I let myself enjoy the food I so badly missed. But after two days of eating “normally,” I definitely saw the difference. My energy disappeared, my face started getting puffy again, and I just didn’t feel as excited about the day ahead. So, I’ve pulled the blender back out, stocked up on Swiss Chard, mangoes, avocados, pears, spinach, and some frozen blackberries, and here I am, sipping away on a kind of purple-colored Green Smoothie! And I’m thrilled. The Green Smoothie Challenge is life-changing and has caused me to want to change the way I eat for good!

Moby Daiber

I had wonderful results on the Challenge. I lost 10lbs in the 10 days, but I haven't checked since then. I have remained on green smoothies to date, having veggies, avocados, and soup. I feel great, and found the Challenge quite easy, especially compared to the 10 day juice fast (Moby and I have been known to do juice fasts and triathlons together:)). I LOVE avocados, and the soup. The most fun part was having my kids join in. The girls stuck to it and even persevered with the challenges at school. It was great having them prepare lunches for themselves that were within the guidelines. They all enjoyed smoothies every morning. The first day of my Challenge I had a major headache, and then I was exhausted the first 2 days, I even came home and napped after the morning school drop off those 2 days. I napped for 1 hour, and 2 hours. Finally the 3rd day that burst of energy kicked in and stayed. I feel wonderful and plan to continue with the smoothies and great eating. I haven't started on coffee again, or sugar, or flour. I hope to avoid those for the most part. Thanks for all you do, your inspiration, and especially your Friendship!!!!!!
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