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The Challenge is more difficult than you may think. My book will walk you through all of the emotional aspects you might face as well as the do's and don'ts, the safety factors to consider and the exact 9 recipes that enabled my husband to lose 15 lbs. in 9 days! You will love this book. It's a quick read. I highly recommend only attempting The Challenge after first reading The Green Smoothie Challenge Companion. Did you know that many famous raw-food chefs have contributed their amazing recipes to this book? After The Challenge, you may desire to improve your eating habits. What better way than to use the recipes included in my book! They are simple and deliciously healthy. There is also a complete journal section to help you get focused and on the right track in the New Year. Each day of The Challenge has a thought inspiring theme to help you set goals for your New Year. You will also get my Heavenly Chocolate Shake recipe as well as my Strawberry Ice Cream and my famous and ahhhh-mazing Hunger Eliminator Super Food Bliss Shake ones that you can have while cleansing! This is a must-have guide! Please keep me posted about your progress! Can't wait to hear your story. You will find the deluxe Color edition of my book here. Click here for the less expensive black and white edition or for immediate download, get the Kindle edition (free if you are a Kindle subscriber!!)



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