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Green Smoothies Changed Clent Manich's Life!

Just almost two years ago Clent Manich weighed 400 pounds and had diabetes. His doctor told him that he would die in two to four years if he did not make some big changes. Clent had tried many diets but continued to struggle. At one point he met Dr. Donato who educated him about the raw-food lifestyle. Dr. Donato talked to Clent about green smoothies and Clent agreed to try them. He ended up losing 225 pounds in one year. After three weeks on green smoothies he was off of his insulin!

Dr. Donato has graciosly shared this story in my book, The Green Smoothie Challenge Companion.Valya Boutenko has just released a beautiful new five minute video interview with Clent. I highly recommend viewing this here. Great work Valya and congratulations Clent! We are cheering for you and thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story with the world!

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