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Feeling Crappy, Having Cravings, Ready to Throw the Towel In?

Are you having a hard time taking the Challenge and wondering how you're going to overcome your detox symptoms, headache, nausea, cravings and stay on the Challenge? Well, here is your answer! Listen to this call with Brittany Watkins and I, as we teach you to use a special technique so you can set all your discomfort aside, stick to the Challenge and be refreshed and renewed in ten short days!!



Welcome to the Green Smoothie Challenge!


Exclusive Detoxifying Yoga Pose Video


I am so honored to offer you this amazing treat during your

Challenge experience. My lovely friend and collegue, Sarah Harris,

from Wellness by Design has made a a detoxifying yoga pose

video exclusively for the Green Smoothie Challenge!

This pose will calm your spirit while it allows your body

to more completely cleanse. Enjoy!!  And if you'd like to

visit Sarah, you can learn all about her here. I highly recommned

her work!!


A Day on the Green Smoothie Challenge

What does an actual day on the Green Smoothie Challenge look like? There are so many ways to take the Challenge. You may do one smoothie a day or all smoothies every day for ten days. It is totally up to you to create a Challenge that does work for you instead of trying to take a Challenge that only leads to a feeling of failure. Here is a possible day on the Challenge. This is the way many people have found success, but remember, the key is find what works best for you personally and by all means, if you are not hungry enough to consume everything listed here as often as it's listed, just drink less often.  I personally drink about two smoothies a day and have two portions of veggie soup per day and I wait and let myself get really really good and hungry b/c for me, the magic happens when I'm hungry, all the clarity of mind, new realizations and deep cleansing. 

6 am: Arise and drink two glasses of water with a pinch of salt and fresh squeezed lemon juice.

7 am: Drink your first portion of smoothie, about 16 ounces followed by a glass of water if desired.

8 am: Drink a cup of green tea, herbal tea or broth.

10 am: Drink your second portion of smoothies, again, about 16 ounces followed by a glass of water if desired.

11:30 am: Eat an apple or other fruit or some veggie sticks.

1 pm: Drink your third portion of green smoothie

3 pm: Snack on guacamole with veggie ‘chips.’ Or Maria’s Heavenly Chocolate Shake. You will find this recipe in Chapter Seven as well as Chapter Nine.

5 pm: Have some steamed vegetables, cooked veggie soup or one of my warm, raw soups found in Chapter in the recipe section of my book.

7 pm: Drink your last portion of green smoothie or have some strawberry ice cream. Try adding different fruits to it as well. My family loves peach ice cream!

9 pm: Drink some dandelion tea, pau d’arco or any tea or broth of your choosing. Add cinnamon to your tea, if desired. Another great bedtime tea is Senna. It will help you to have a good elimination the following morning. Simply steep one or two teabags for twenty minutes before enjoying. Feel free to add stevia to your tea. My preferred brand is SweetLeaf® Pure Stevia Concentrate liquid. This liquid is dark as opposed to the processed liquids which are clear. The darkness is a result of it being preserved in its natural state. Stevia comes from a green leaf. 

9:30 pm: Go to bed and get some good rest. Rest is essential for good health. Go to bed even earlier if you are able and especially if you feel tired. Listen to your body!

*All recipes may be found in my book, The Green Smoothie Challenge Companion


Biggest News EVER!!!

OMG! I have the MOST exciting news EVER!! Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Challenge this year, world famous, permanent weight loss expert, Brittany Watkins, is joining us this Wednesday, January 2 at 6pm PST!! The ineractive technique she'll teach, will enable you to release all anxiety, cravings and desires to binge or sabotage your whole Challenge so you can get on with becoming the new YOU in the new year!! You'll even be able to kick the coffee habit (the same way I did!). Brittany is an Emotonal Freedom Technique (EFT) expert and will guide us in an interactive EFT exercise so you can kick your cravings to the curb for GOOD and conquer this Challenge for sure!! I am so beyond excited about this!! This is the very technique I used to overcome my NEED for wine and coffee so that it no longer had a hold on me (which it very much did!!). You can meet Brittany at
Call in details:
Dial-in Number: (605) 475-4700
Participant Access Code: 559966#
6 pm Pacific Standard Time, that's Los Angeles, West Coast USA
Can't Wait to 'see' YOU there!

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