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Looking for a healthy diet for those young ones in your life? Now there's a Green Smoothie Challenge for kids! Kids can cut out sugar, white flour, processed, refined foods and fried foods. They can add a green smoothie or two to their daily diet. They can eat the raw treats in my book such as the chocolate shake, the strawberry ice cream, the chocolate pudding, etc. and they can enjoy all the raw food recipes contained in my book along with a sensible and healthy diet that excludes junk food for ten days. Kids get really excited about joining mom and dad in doing The Challenge so why not take the opportunity to involve them. Make them kale chips and hummus with fresh veggie sticks.

Air pop some organic popcorn and drizzle it with organic butter and sprinkle it with "Rawmesean" and Celtic or Himalayan salt. My kids call this "movie popcorn." Their friends really like it too! You can purchase "Rawmesean" through Raw Vegan Source. You will find a link to them, our affiliate, in our store. They have great prices and offer all of the "different" ingredients you find in my yummy recipes.

Give them "ants on a log" which is celery with raw almond butter or other healthy, raw nut butter and top it with organic raisins. Make the almond seed crackers and use them on an appetizer plate made of guacamole, festive seed cheez and raw veggie sticks. All of these recipes are included in my book.

Have fun with it and see how many healthy recipes you can make together. You'll be surprised how much they enjoy most of the foods in my recipe section!

Have them make up their smoothie recipes. If they are young, let them turn the blender on and off. Get them involved in the whole process. The more they are a part of it, the happier they will be about it.

Have them help to decide on the parameters of their Challenge. Even if it is just adding one smoothie a day for ten days to their diet, that is a GREAT Challenge for many kids. Be encouraging. Have fun.

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