About Maria

I grew up in the sunny land of San Diego, California. I spent many hours on the beach, enjoying all outdoor activities that fresh air, sunshine, and wide-open land affords. Growing up, I was actively involved in sports such as softball, field hockey, competitive gymnastics and getting my hands on as much sugar and junk food as possible. Yes, I was a bonafide sugar addict.

While still in college, after that beautiful gymnast figure took a hike, I found myself gaining weight, looking pudgy and totally obsessed with food. I was desperate to find answers. I was totally unable to stick to a diet. This is where my health journey began. I was introduced to the ideas of fresh juice fasting and living foods. My experience of adding these to my diet was so life changing that I became an avid researcher of alternative medicine and natural health. Meeting people cured from diseases such as cancer and AIDS through natural means fascinated me and instilled in me a great passion for this subject.

I am not a raw-foodist, though I enjoy many raw foods, often. I am not a vegan. I do not really identify myself by my food choices. I am passionate about health and helping others get healthy, and, oh... I LOVE BUTTER!

I am married to Tobin, whom I met at the lively young age of fourteen. We have introduced four beautiful, laughter-filled children to this world through natural home births. Our children have rarely had need of doctor visits, and have avoided any use of conventional medications such as antibiotics and the like. Although we do not claim to feed these youthful beings perfectly, they have been raised on a largely whole and living foods diet. They currently regularly beg me for my delectable healthy food creations!

I received my BA from Oregon State University. I am the former managing editor for the Alternative Medicine and Natural Health Channel at BrightHub.com . I am a certified holistic lifestyle coach and EFT practitioner. I use meditation, EFT and other methods to help my clients discover the root issues of WHY they hold excess weight or lack vibrant health and give them to tools to heal these issues and find the body of their dreams as I guide them through the necessary changes for optimal health without ever relying on will power and that viscious cycle of self sabotage that goes along with it. My methods are cutting edge and very effective. Come along with me on a transformation journey! Visit my 'store' tab above to book a complimentary 20 minute consultation. .

When I look hard and find some free time, I enjoy researcing, doing yoga, basking in the sunshine, swimming in warm open water, and harvesting fresh food from my garden. If you were a fly on my wall you would most likely catch me in my kitchen, otherwise known as my laboratory, making tantalizing health-food creations and offering them to those who have never tasted such delicious healthiness! I get a thrill from the almost always positive reactions! You may also spy me spending time reading to my kids, teaching them to “cook,” or laughing at their sometimes funny jokes. You would spend a lot of time watching me research and write. Family, friends, and my Creator are the things I hold most dear.

As a young girl aspiring to share the good news of natural health, I dreamed of owning an island where the sun shines brightly and people from all walks of life could come to be rejuvenated. In a sense, The Green Smoothie Challenge is that island, accessible to all who would like to come for a visit.

Welcome! I’m so glad you came. It is my true hope that The Green Smoothie Challenge becomes a great blessing to your life. May you encounter abundant energy, improved health and joy in your accomplishment.

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